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This is our premium enclosure unique in both function and form. Its structure consists of 1 or 2 semi-domes (rounded parts). It’s central (rear) part is made up of standard enclosure segments. The main asset of this model is free movement over the whole roofed area. The sliding system facilitates the easy shifting of the segments in both ways. Each semi-dome contains a vertically movable shutter that opens from the center outwards. The enclosure can be open and closed by one or two people (depending on the size of the structure). As an alternative, an electric roof shifting system can be used. The aluminum profiles can be manufactured with a wood imitation finish, a feature that is particularly attractive when applied to such a large enclosure.

Width: 5,0 – 10,0 m
Height: 2,6 – 3,0 m


Color of profiles: Silver RAL 9006, white RAL 9010, anthracite DB 703, bronze
Polycarbonate: Twin-wall translucent, thickness 10 mm, UV protection on one side, U = 3,1 W/m²K
Tracks: The length of an enclosure

  • PROGRES – height 15 mm, color natural elox or brown elox

Semi Dome: One semi dome next to large segment with double wing doors
Door: One door position according to the client´s request
Draft seals on face: Up to a maximum height 150 mm
Locking system: Catus


Each enclosure can be produced from following types of polycarbonate.

  • Polycarbonate 8 mm twin-wall, smoked, with UV protection on one side, U=3,3 W/m²K

  • Polycarbonate 4 mm compact, transparent, with UV protection on both sides, U = 5,4 W/m²K

  • Polycarbonate 4 mm compact, smoked, with UV protection on both sides, U = 5,4 W/m²K


Combination of a compact polycarbonate 4 mm and a twin-wall polycarbonate 8 mm

  • Polycarbonate 4 mm compact in semi dome

  • Polycarbonate 4 mm compact in one face

  • Polycarbonate 4 mm compact in semi dome, front face and lateral sides up to 2000 mm


Secondary Semi Dome

  • Second semi dome next to smallest segment

  • Double wing doors

Additional premium features

  • Extra door in face, sliding or opening

  • Double shifting, opening door

  • Lateral door

  • Ventilating door

  • Lift up part in face; another face modifications

  • Lift up brushes

  • Safety lock of the pool enclosure FORTIS

  • Heightening of enclosure

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